January 2017
Tuesday, 19:30
The Village Hall, Wixford

Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of Wixford Parish Council
Tuesday 10th January 2017 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors Jon Haworth (in the Chair), Colin Hales, Andrew Reekes & Jack Fryer, Clerk: Simone Bush. WCC Cllr Mike Brain.
In attendance: Two members of the public.

Apologies: Cllr Dean Morris, SDC Cllr Sue Adams.

Disclosure of Interests. Councillors are asked to declare personal interests in any items on the agenda. Councillors are reminded that the Code of Conduct that takes effect from September 2012 provides that should they have a prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion they should withdraw from the room and not seek to influence a decision about the matter.
None declared.

3. SDC & WCC Cllrs reports: Cllr Brain –

4. Comments from the public: There is still an emergency box in the VH belonging to
the PC, resolved Cllrs Fryer and Hale will review and refresh the contents & bring replacement costs / new item costs to the PC for approval. Agenda to review every 2 years.

Wilcox and Allen Trust agreed to purchase gas bottles for the VH with the remaining funds, Cllrs Haworth and Hale to visit the bank and arrange to withdraw the remaining funds in the account then close it.

Plans for the projected 30mph limit are on Evesham Road as opposed to Grafton Road – PC agreed labelling was incorrect and the diagram is accurate. Clerk to confirm that WCC have referred to Grafton Road instead of Evesham Road for clarification.

Traffic Speed censor installed in village a few years ago was effective and queried whether this should be repeated. There is also a Community initiative where local residents are trained to use the speed gun and the Police will then write letters, the Clerk to make enquiries on participation.

Issues along Enniston Lane were reported however the area in question is not in Wixford parish.

Clerk to ascertain who local PCSO contact is and obtain comment regarding the Police view of parking on pavements & whether this is an offence.

5. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held 1st November 2016.
Resolved a true & accurate record, Chairman signed the Minutes.

6. Matters arising:
Village Noticeboard:- proposal at last meeting for repair of existing noticeboard or replace. Quotes have been received and resolved replacement at cost of approx £125.00. Cllr Howarth to arrange and pay for the noticeboard and submit invoice to PC for reimbursement.

WCC Highways Invoice:- Cllr Howarth has studied the invoice and accompanying plans, he confirmed that the works have mainly been completed but that the PC will liaise with Cllr Brain before approving to pay the invoice.

Culvert Cleaning / estimate of works:- resolved WCC will maintain the culvert and this will now be included in the regular ongoing maintenance schedule.

Village signs for humpback bridge:- Cllr Brain secured some funding for signage and these are now in place. The warning signs recommended were not adequate enough, Cllr Brain agreed and is taking this forward. PC agreed other improvements will also help.

8. Finance:

Resolved: PC approved the following cheques for payment:-

Clerk Dec & Jan £311.58
Dec & Jan office Expenses £22.02
PAYE Quarter 3 (Oct – Dec) £77.60
WCC Village Gateway signage £816.85

The below invoices were not approved:
WCC Highways Contribtions £3000.00
(see item 7)

PC considered the final budget circulated by the Clerk and RESOLVED to set the precept for 2017/18 at £7000.

Cllrs signed bank mandate for change of address as this had been recorded incorrectly by the bank at the last mandate.

9. Planning: PC noted 16/02636/FUL:- The Three Horseshoes Inn: erection & storage
for office extension: Granted.

10. To deal with any correspondence:

SDC re. precept demand
WCC Consultation of Minerals Plan 2017-2032
Local Council Review Magazine
SDC Regsiter of Electors

Meeting closed at 8.10pm.