Notices - Quality Parish Council

31st August 2007



Dear Editor

Wow! We've just got confirmation of the excellent Council we are, and we're going to run with it!

This award will benefit our partnership working, enabling as much communication as possible for villagers of all age ranges, to the benefit of themselves and their community.

With the Local Government White Paper placing power back to Local Government, we will bring the wider community nearer, and that can only be a huge asset.

There will now be less reason for isolation and social exclusion, as many routes of communication can now be explored, to understand and affect what happens regarding our own homes and communities, to enhance both Wixford Parish Council and the Principal Authorities which we look forward to working with more closely.

We are proud of our achievement, and know it can only be advantageous, to our community and beyond! This is just the beginning.....

Yours sincerely

Karen Parnell

12th September, 2007