May 2024
Tuesday, 19:30
Exhall Village Hall

Annual Parish Council Meeting

On Tuesday 14th May 2024 it is intended to hold both the Annual Statutory Meetings plus the Ordinary Parish Meeting.

Commencing from 7.30pm in Exhall Village Hall.

Annual Parish Meeting

Annual Parish Assembly

Ordinary Parish Meeting

All members of the public are most welcome to attend.

Please note regarding MINUTES - only 1 set is permitted within the Minutes attachment, please see additional documents below for the full set of minutes from all 3 meetings.





Additional Documents

14.05.2024 Annual Parish Assembly Agenda.pdf 14.05.2024 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda.pdf 14.05.2024 OPM Draft Agenda.pdf 14.05.2024 Draft Minutes from Annual Parish Assembly.pdf 14.05.2024 Draft Minutes from Annual Parish Meeting.pdf 14.05.2024 Draft Minutes from Ordinary Parish Meeting.pdf