WCC ‘Slow Down’ Wheelie Bin stickers



WCC ‘Slow Down’ Wheelie Bin stickers:

Warwickshire County Council and Warwickshire Police are committed to making our roads as safe as possible.
Sadly many people are hurt on our roads every year – in many cases this is due to inappropriate or excessive speed.

You can now remind people travelling through your community that speeding in not acceptable by displaying our Wheelie Bin stickers on your recycling bins.

If you would like to request up to two Wheelie Bin Stickers, please feel free to contact WCC:

Telephone: 01926 418612

Email: safetyengineering@warwickshire.gov.uk

Road Safety Engineering,
Warwickshire County Council,
PO Box 43,
Shire Hall,
CV34 4SX

25th May, 2010