There was once a railway station in the village built by the Evesham & Redditch Railways Company in September 1866, which was part of the Gloucester Loop line. At the time of its closure in January 1950 it belonged to British Rail. Neither the line, the station nor the associated railway bridge are in existence anymore, although the Heart of England Way runs along part of the old line.

In a nod to its proximity to the border of Worcestershire the Exhall & Wixford cricket club is affiliated with both the Warwickshire and Worcestershire County Cricket Boards. The village hall is not large, with a capacity of 70, but is available for rent by members of the public.

Originally ‘Witlakesford’, then ‘Wicklesford’, by 1570 the village took its present name. St Milburga’s church has a magnificent brass of Thomas de Crewe dating from 1411, and a 17th century priest’s stable in the graveyard. Moor Hall dates from the 15th century.