April 2017
Tuesday, 19:00
The Village Hall, Wixford

Annual Parish Assembly

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting of Wixford Parish Council

Tuesday 25th April 2017 at 7.00pm


Present: Councillor Jon Haworth (in the Chair), Councillors Dean Morris, Colin Hales, and Jack Fryer, Clerk: Simone Bush. PCSO Becky Morris attended the meeting.

In attendance: 5 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllr Andrew Reekes.

1.   Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly held in May 2016

Proposed and seconded – agreed an accurate record.

2.   Matters arising therefrom. No issues arising. Speeding is an ongoing issue & timings of the visiting speed van is not monitoring at the worst times – PCSO Becky Morris will refer this back to the team. Cllr Morris reported a variable camera system at Hockley Heath – PCSO Morris said she wasn’t aware there were any in use in Warwickshire but she would make enquiries about the scheme and in general request more local checks.

Relocation of the defibrilator: last year we had agreement to move it but this has not been actionned, this will be completed as soon as possible.

The 30mph signs at the village entrances are being moved, Cllr Brain will continue to chase if he is relocated even though Wixford does not fall in his boundary.

3.   Chairman’s report on the work of the Parish Council during the last twelve months. Appendix 1.

4.   To receive the Statement of Accounts of the Wilcox and Allen Charity.

Balance stands at £777.77, no interest has been accrued. Cllrs Haworth & Hales are in the process of closing the accounts and remaining funds will be allocated towards heating the Village Hall. 

5.   To receive the Statement of Accounts of the Village Hall Committee.

Full report at Appendix 4. 

6.   To receive the Statement of Accounts of the Parish Council for the last twelve months. 

Bank Balance c/f 1/4/16


+ Income


– Expenditure


Total Balance to c/f at 31/3/17


7.   To receive the District Councillors’ Report upon the work of the District Council during the year 2016/17.

Cllr Adams submitted her report to the meeting.  Report attached at Appendix 2.

8.   To receive the County Councillor’s Report upon the work of the County Council during the year 2015/2016.

Cllr Brain informed this is his last meeting at Wixford, he thanked the Parish Council for their support & he will continue to monitor ongoing projects if he is re-elected even though Wixford will no longer be within his boundary.  PC wished Cllr Brain luck for the future and thanked him for his commitment and help. 

9.   Any other business.

Parking:- PCSO Becky Morris was invited to the meeting to discuss parking issues.  The Chairman explained the issues locally with parking on footpaths etc and difficulties for people passing as well other local problems.

PCSO Morris confirmed it is not an offence to park on footpaths but causing an obstruction to the public is an offence.

Chairman requested PCSO Morris compile a letter that the PC can attach to the newsletter to circulate to the village and remind people.  PCSO will forward this to the Clerk.  PCSO Morris would be happy to arrange a couple of random visits during busy events in the village to monitor and will visit venues prior to events to request co-operation in providing parking to avoid any problems. 

10.                    Questions and comments from the public.

Jain Whitewater thanked Cllrs Haworth & Hales for their persistence on the Wilcox and Allen charity issue. It was also requested that an article be put in the newsletter to attend and observe some parish council meetings.

An update was requested on the Oversley Castle development, the PC is not aware of any updates. 

Meeting closed at 8.15pm 





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